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Sinc Bucina, Terci Ruina, and Cursus Iteritas Percido are being released April 18th. We saw these back in January at the NAMM show but now they are a reality and we have a much better idea about what they do. The Cursus Iteritas Percido even has a front panel and a black one at that!


Sinc Bucina

It’s a low pass gate. Sinc Bucina is 100% analogue but doesn’t use vactrols to produce the LPG effect, it’s all to do with clever envelopes and dynamics. It has a velocity dependent trigger for some expressive dynamics. There’s slew on the gate input utilising the Attack and Release controls. And then there’s the filter section. Choose between a 12db, 6db or VCA mode.

Terci Ruina

It’s a distortion module. It has three finely tuned analogue distortion circuits running in series. The first is a two-stage asymmetric-diode feedback topology using high-beta bipolar transistor for gain. The second is an asymmetric feed-forward diode clipper using op-amps for gain. The last section is a high-gain bipolar fuzz.

They say it’s awesome, ridiculous and untamed and I’m inclined to agree.


Cursus Iteritas Percido

The big one is… no, I’m still not really sure. It’s some kind of wavetable oscillator voice that’s got a mad bunch of envelopes built in with wavefolding and shaping. It has a load of knobs including the Master Blaster that acts as a macro over all the envelopes or something. I think Noise Engineering needs to send me this module so that I can share with the world what on earth it’s all about. But it’s all about triggering and percussion and looping and dangerous noises.

The Sinc Bucina is $155, the Terci Ruina $133 and the CIP is $595. Looking forward to some decent demo videos as although there are some from NAMM they really don’t help very much.

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