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ZVex Fuzz Factory limited run 20 years old bauhaus paint job

Limited to 25 pedals world wide.  ·  Source:

ZVex Fuzz Factory limited run 20 years old bauhaus paint job

Fuzz Factory now 20 years old.  ·  Source:


ZVex Fuzz Factory pedal is now 20 years old and Zachary Vex has announced a limited run of 25 hand-painted units. Each pedal is finished in a Bauhaus-inspired paint job and comes with a little certificate – inside a vellum envelope in the box. The pedals are also individually numbered. Each is signed by Mr Zachary Vex himself and Lisa McGrath, the artist that painted each pedal.


I own a regular Fuzz Factory and it’s a charming and sometimes angry child of a fuzz box. It can go off the rails at any moment and the slightest knock of a dial or a slight twitch of a knob will get it screaming and wailing through your amp. Like many others I find this very appealing and so have had one in my possession for a good 10 years now. I wouldn’t say it is for everyone, but there is certainly appeal for many.

My only real gripe is the ZVex limited run paint jobs. Of course it makes ZVex a lot of money and so it must work. But is a paint job on a fuzz pedal really make it worth nearly $500? Okay, these 25 pedals will no doubt sell out pretty quickly.


But one whole limited production run of a guitar effect based solely on its paint job? That’s an odd thing for me to get my head around. They aren’t really art as such, they have no new features or updated hardware. So you are only getting a different coat of paint. Yes, true it is hand-painted and not done in a factory by a machine. However, it’s still just a fuzz box! I’ll let you make up your own minds on this one, so feel free to comment below and tell us what you think.

RRP USD $499 limited to 25 units world wide

Find out more on the Fuzz Factory 20th Anniversary product page.

ZVex Fuzz Factory limited run 20 years old bauhaus paint job

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One response to “ZVex Fuzz Factory is 20 years old! How much is a paint job worth?”

    Michael B says:

    500 bucks for a handpaint? Why not some innovation plus?

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