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Producer Si Begg has created a number of library instruments for Zero-G including “Extreme Environments” designed for creating ambient beds, pads and effects. Extreme Vocal Environments, or EVE, takes the same idea but uses the human voice as a starting point to warp into dense and complex ambient sounds which are then controlled and modulated via the interface.

EVE mixes three channels of loops from a choice of 142, each with control over pitch, time stretch, amplitude and filter envelopes, saturation and reverb. The resulting sound is then routed through a high and low pass filter and finally a limiter to keep everything under control. The reverb has a major role to play in the sound creation being a convolution with 86 bespoke impulse responses ranging from simple to weird and crazy. Each of the three channels can be sent individually to the reverb. The user interface, honestly, looks a little dated and unimpressive but it does lay out all the controls in a perfectly clear and straightforward manner – I guess I’ve gotten used to impressively rendered, 3D animated interfaces.

Listening to the sound examples on the website I’m struck by both the beauty and the eeriness present in the music, along with the endless whispering. I tend to find vocal and choir samples difficult to use but there’s a modulation at work here that seems to offer some promise for environments with a human feeling. There’s 150 presets to play with but none of it sounds particularly extreme to me. It’s also not just a Kontakt instrument. It also comes as AIFF Apple loops, Acid Wav files, Reason NN-XT, EXS24, Space Designer and Logic Channel Strips – I think that’s everything covered.

EVE is available from the Time & Space website as a 2.18GB download for £55.95

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