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Heil PR37

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The Heil PR37 dynamic vocal mic is a new release from the most famous microphone company you’ve never heard of! Does the world need yet another live vocal mic? Let’s take a look at the specifications and see what’s what…


Heil PR37 Vocal Mic

You may never have heard of Heil Sound before and that’s a shame; the company’s founder, Bob Heil, was a luminary in the development of live sound and helped shape modern concert sound as we know it today. Heil Sound is the company that bears his name and offers a range of microphones and accessories for the professional sound engineer.

The Heil PR37 is the latest addition to Heil Sound’s microphone range and is their new flagship vocal microphone. We don’t have full technical details yet but we assume the PR37 offers a cardioid or hyper-cardioid pickup pattern. The PR37 features a frequency response of 50 to 18,000Hz which is very impressive for a hand-held dynamic vocal mic.


Like all manufacturers of vocal microphones, Heil’s biggest challenge will be distracting customers from the de-facto vocal mic, the Shure SM58. The PR37 will retail for more than double the price of an SM58 at USD 269; is it double the microphone? Heil is keen to push its high levels of noise rejection, smooth, natural sound and high-mid presence.

Connoisseur’s Choice?

If you’re looking to invest in a microphone of your own, we think you should take a close look at the PR37. Every vocalist sounds different, and not every microphone suits every voice. If you’ve been struggling to sound the way you want with an “industry standard microphone”, why not try something different? We think you could do much worse than this latest offering from Heil.

The Heil PR37: give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen?

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Heil PR37

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5 responses to “Heil PR37: An all-new premium live vocal microphone”

    eat yr Ghost says:

    Between the SM57, and Behringer’s dirt cheap clones, that’s a brave price tag.

    Name* says:

    I thought it was Bob Heil, not Greg who started the company. Might be worth checking.

      Bob Malkowski says:

      Whoops! Well spotted! Not sure why I put “Greg” in there? You’re absolutely right, it was Bob Heil who founded the company! Text now edited for the typo 🙂

    Gino D'Amico says:

    I would like to buy the PR37 Heil mic. My email is

    Percy says:

    Best mic in its price range or higher. I love it. Sounds more natural by working the mic a little distance from your mouth. A little brittle if you like to kiss the mic May get an occasional explosive if your to close on the mic. Has a very strong output so it’s Okay to stay a little distance. If you know how or you want to learn how to work the mic by moving it closer or pulling back when necessary in and out then buy the Heil PR-37 you won’t regret its magic. However if you don’t care to tackle these experiences and want to play safe get the Heil PR-35 a little less output but easy to EQ and set your mix kinda like a plug & Sing with a pinch of color. Hard to not get a beautiful sound or you can buy both and use one or the other depending on the Accoustics of the venue or the room etc. I own both.

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