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The MD435 and MD445 are two new premium live vocal microphones from the Teutonic mic masters at Sennheiser.  Focussed at offering you exceptional sound quality and additionally amazing feedback suppression, we’re excited to dig into the details!


New Sennheiser Vocal Mics

Without a doubt, Sennheiser is one of the giants when it comes to microphones and especially dynamic microphones. Their MD (Microphone Dynamic) series of microphones has been around for decades and encompasses some true industry classics.

The MD421 is an industry-standard instrument microphone which made our list of essential microphones early this year. You’ll also have seen their microphones, such as the famous MD431, in front of artists as diverse as Prince and Dave Grohl. Undoubtedly, we were rather excited at the news of two new, premium vocal mics from the Sennheiser MD series!


The first of Sennheiser’s new releases is the MD435, a dynamic vocal microphone. Calling this a “new” release is admittedly a bit of a stretch. If you work with high-end wireless mics, you may already have encountered this capsule. That’s because it’s previously been available as the MD9235 capsule, which importantly has only been available for wireless mic users up until now. Thankfully, you can now enjoy this capsule as a wired microphone.

So why should you be excited about another dynamic vocal mic? Well, the MD435 is a Super-Cardioid dynamic microphone with a much wider frequency response than many of the usual vocal mics on offer (40Hz to 20kHz). It’s a great choice for professional vocalists working with professional engineers.

Sennheiser MD 435 premium live vocal microphone

Sennheiser MD 435 premium live vocal microphone · Source: Sennheiser


The MD445 could be the ideal solution if you find yourself working in feedback prone live situations or high stage volumes. A lot of modern shows involve a “B-Stage” which is often placed in the crowd, and obviously, in front of the PA system itself. This is a nightmare scenario for any engineer, as it requires an especially directional microphone.

The MD445 has been designed for just these sort of situations. Sennheiser also says that it offers a “direct focussed sound”. We couldn’t find frequency plots for either the MD435 or MD445, but in the case of the MD445, we suspect it’ll offer some sort of “presence peak” to help vocals cut through.

Sennheiser MD 445 premium live vocal microphone

Sennheiser MD 445 premium live vocal microphone · Source: Sennheiser

Neither of these mics is cheap coming in around the €500 mark, but for the professionals who use them, we’re sure they’ll be worth every penny.

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