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Heil PR77D

 ·  Source: Heil Sound

There’s no shortage of awesome new mics unveiled at NAMM 2018. Among them is this pair of lookers, which is one and the same microphone – the Heil PR 77D. This is a dynamic mic designed for use in commercial broadcast, podcasting, studio and home recording. Heil Sound says the mic boasts a smooth and flat frequency response, great transient response, fine articulation and low intermodulation distortion.

We’ve heard the same exact words from microphone manufacturers a few hundred times before, so we are hopeful that the mic has what it takes to back those claims. On paper, at least, everything sounds peachy.

The PR 77D boasts a 1-inch, low-mass voice coil encompassed by a magnet structure made of a mixture of neodymium, iron, and boron. Heil supposedly paid special attention to the phasing plug assembly, managing 180-degree, off-axis rear rejection of over -40dB. Furthermore, the front pattern supposedly lets performers move freely before the microphone with no audible change in response.

If that’s not enough, consider the PR 77D’s two-position switch that lets you choose between frequency responses tailored for Voice and Music recording. More specifically, the Voice position does a 120Hz roll-off at -6db per octave and the Music position sets the mic to capture 60Hz – 16kHz. Something curious about this great-looking mic is that it features a classic side-address design taken from the RCA microphones of the 50s and 60s. Paired with the vintage-inspired design, it makes for a classy and versatile recording solution. We’d love to have one around, even if only because we’re fans of purple!

At USD 250, the PR 77D is rather affordable. Shipping information isn’t available yet, but it probably won’t take long before this mic hits retail.

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