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Xaoc Sarajewo and Katowice

Xaoc Sarajewo and Katowice  ·  Source: Xaoc

Xaoc Sarajewo

Xaoc Sarajewo  ·  Source: Xaoc

Xaoc Katowice

Xaoc Katowice  ·  Source: Xaoc

Two new modules from Xaoc Devices: Katowice is a Stereo Variable Band Isolator whereas Sarajewo is a Syncable Analog Delay Line and both are available today. Let’s take a closer look!


This is the first stereo processor that Xaoc has produced and stereo has been a bit of theme for 2020. The 1978 Stereo Variable Band Isolator feels like an EQ, which it is, but in modular there’s always more going on. You do have 3 defined bands of attenuation but the knobs and CV define the centre frequency and bandwidth of the mid-band while the high and low bands adjust themselves automatically around it. All three bands then pass through VCAs with individual and mixed outputs.

Xaoc suggest it can be used as a crossover network, a parametric EQ or perhaps a DJ-Style kill filter. It certainly looks very solid and predictable and with voltage control could easily be useful as a band-pass filter.


You’ve got to love that knob in the middle. Xaoc excels at knob choice, placement and vibe, you know this is going to be great before you even touch it. Sarajewo is a Model of 1984 Syncable Analog Delay Line using our old friend the BBD Bucket Brigade Delay chips. Delay times go up to 1560ms with 3 delay taps with individual outputs. It has various tempo divisions, multiplications and external sync options. It has a Tilt Filter in the feedback loop which is quite interesting.

Xaoc aimed for a warm and characterful delay module and by the sounds of it they nailed it.

The Katowice and Sarajewo are available now for €240 and €420 respectively.

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