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WMD Modules

WMD Modules  ·  Source: WMD

Along with the SCLPL we saw earlier WMD has 3 other releases for us in the shape of a TIME WARP Gated Slew, SL3KT switcher and AXXENT expander for METRON.


Taking us back to the days of Acid House TIME WARP offers that pitch-slew effect in a small, easy-to-use package. It’s a dual-channel gated slew module which means you can trigger a slew when you need it with a gate signal from a sequencer. It has a switch for logic inversion.

It has two modes of symmetry and a full-wave rectifier on the input and can act as two independent slows, two AR envelopes with tied controls or even as an envelope follower turning audio into envelopes. CV control is available over slew rate.

It’s comprehensively useful slew machine for $169.


It’s a 3-channel switch module pronounced “select”. 3 two-way switches let you choose between different sources or destinations or CV or audio. It has a bi-directional signal bath and you switch between two sources and two destinations. The switches are normalled so you can use one switch or CV to switch the lot. Perfect for switch sequences, or waveform mixing, or modulation switching or some logic magic. It’s $139 and here’s a big video about all of it:


This is only interesting if you are an owner of a METRON trigger and gate sequencer and you could do with 16 accent outputs. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what this does. $199.

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