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Shakmat Modular Time Wizard

Shakmat Modular Time Wizard  ·  Source: Shakmat Modular


Shakmat Modular are attempting to demonstrate that clock division can be really fun, creative and interesting and not at all utility. With the sextuple divisional logic warping Time Wizard they may well have accomplished it.


Time Wizard

There are 6 clock dividers split into two sections. Each divider has its own knob for selecting clock divisions. The first section (A) also has a multiplier switch which can straight away give you some interesting results like deriving triplets by doing things like multiplying by 3 while dividing by 4. There’s lots of potential for weird clock resolutions.

The second section can be clocked independently. The 3 dividers in this section can operate as a chain, the first one affecting the next and so on. There are some gate logic features for combining and excluding of signals depending on the triggering of other dividers. This can get complex very quickly and produce some remarkable results.

They describe it as “weird”. It certainly has the ability to generate a whole world of polyrhythmic timings in tricky time signatures. It’s the sort of module that you could plug a sequence into and just experiment with what comes out and the relationship between the divisions.


As a kit it’s only €115. Or for €159 you can pick one up ready to go.

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Shakmat Modular Time Wizard webpage.


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Shakmat Modular Time Wizard

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