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4MS SCM Plus

4MS SCM Plus  ·  Source: 4MS


4MS has combined the SCM with the SCM Breakout to give us the highly precise and rhythmically thrilling SCM Plus and is a lot more awesome than you think.



We all need good clocking modules in our Eurorack. Nothing gets done without them and while clocks tend to find themselves projected from various places you need a good handle on them to bend them to your will. A dodgy clock can mess with your music but a shuffling, slipping and skipping one can bring joyful accidents, fun feels and big-hearted grooves.


The Shuffling Clock Multiplier has long been a useful source of rhythms in Eurorack. Stick in a clock from anywhere and it will produce the same clock back up to 32 times faster. It’s perfect for setting off fast modulations or quick sequences along to a slower, steady beat. But it was the “Shuffling” part of the name that gave the SCM its popularity.

The outputs S3-S8 provide a bunch of shuffled, slipped and skipped outputs to send some delicious variations through your rack. Shuffle, as you’d expect, pushes the clock forward in time a little bit to give the timing a bit of a lilt. Slip pushes things the other way and ends up being late. Skip drops beats out completely giving you more of a pattern rather than a clock.


The SCM was great but not very controllable and so 4MS came up with the SCMBO or SCM Breakout, which let you get into the parameters via knobs and also CV control. In addition to control over Shuffle, Slip and Skip you also have Rotate which shifts the multiple-by amount, Pulse Width which changes the width of the… pulses, 4x Fast which increases the multiplier and Mute which stops all the outputs. A Resync input resets all the counters.

SCM Plus

So, pulling these two modules together seems like a bit of no-brainer. It becomes a fantastic way of manipulating beats, pushing sequences and pulsing rhythms. And so we have the SCM Plus, the Shuffling Clock Multiplier and the Breakout in a single module for the very reasonable price of $185. 4MS has also taken the opportunity to improve the precision of the timing and release it in a rather dashing white-on-black. It’s the sort of module every rack could find a use for.



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4MS SCM Plus

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