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All Gibson's official YouTube videos pulled?

All Gibson's official YouTube videos pulled?  ·  Source: YouTube/Gibson


It would appear that Gibson has pulled all its official videos from YouTube worldwide. Another online rumour also suggests that Mark Agnesi has been fired from the company too!


So Gibson has pulled all its official YouTube videos from the video sharing site. This means that the US guitar brand has no official video presence for its guitar range on the largest platform for potential new customers. Which seems odd, to say the least.

Gibson Play Authentic video featuring Mark Agnesi

Gibson Play Authentic video featuring Mark Agnesi

Mark Agnesi rumours

On top of that it is also being rumoured that Gibson’s Director Of Brand Experience  Mark Agnesi has been let go from the company. The main source for this rumour comes from Phil McKnight on his YouTube channel. You can hear that being talked about around the 16 minute mark in the video below. Phil, then states that it seems to be a rumour (and he was right).

UPDATE  29/09

No, it wasn’t true. Agnesi is still at Gibson according to his official Instagram post. The rumour mill was way off on that information. Gibson’s Director Of Brand Experience is still part of the company.



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Play Authentic

Possibly, that whole Play Authentic debacle from earlier this year has come back to bite Agnesi and maybe Gibson CEO James ‘JC’ Curleigh is having second thoughts on how he wants to run the company.

James Curleigh new Gibson CEO

James Curleigh new Gibson CEO

Hitting the fan?

At this time it is all just rumour, but you have to admit that it is a little odd for Gibson to pull all their official YouTube videos from its world-wide channel. I’ll update you all when I know more or find out some official information from reliable sources.

For now watch this space!



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28 responses to “Why have all Gibson’s official YouTube videos been pulled? And where is Mark Agnesi?”

  1. Wiley Kyles says:

    He did not say that. A fan said that during the show.

  2. mojave rat says:

    The Gibson sh!tshow continues.
    Although if they really did sack Agnesi, I will give them props.

  3. JOE says:

    According to Mark Agnesi in a post on his Instagram he is still employed by Gibson

  4. Brad says:

    Interesting that you used my thumbnail but failed to credit my video as the source, even though it predated Phil’s by hours. Just sayin’. Still dig your website.

  5. Jayme Lynn says:

    I just bought from Zzounds music a Les Paul Faded model and am trying to figure out how the knobs work!
    ( I’m just beginning to play) any advice? There wasn’t any pamphlet except advertising stuff,also a SWEET PADDED PLUSH GIG BAG

  6. Dane says:

    Actually, in the video you linked Mark says in a comment that he’s still employed at Gibson. And Phil does say in the video that it was just a rumor. Which has been refuted by Mark now.

  7. Robert says:

    Why fire Mark? He’s the messenger. If JC gave final approval then he should get in front of the camera and say SOMETHING

  8. There are too many great Gibson styled guitars and the backlash has caused folks to consider other less expensive quality brands like Harley Benton. Plus Mark was kind of a creepy spokesperson for Gibson and his vampiresk prescence scared or insulted folks away from Gibson. You can have the Gibson experience for well under 2000.00 usd with well made inspired models from other makers. Set necks are a dime a dozen today.

    • OMK says:

      that’s hardly a new development though. Fanboys will always defend their brand’s decisions and non-fanboys will always call the leading brand overpriced. If they pulled all their videos because they JUST realised they aren’t every single person’s wet dream, they really DO have their heads up their asses.

  9. Jeffrey says:

    I agree Phil McKnight has never stated it was to be true that Agnesi was fired he quoted what a fan stated to him and that he was going to check into the truth about whether true or not… Phil Mc Knight doesn’t make claims randomly for publicity. And for one to accuse him of doing so, is just not fair to his character or reputation…!!! I watch his episodes and he will tell you he is not representing anyone but is actually a mere product repair and test operator luthier… he states a non-combatant observance based upon his findings right in front of the viewers.

  10. Martin Ekert says:

    Who cares!
    I would never buy a Gibson… the build quality is horrendous!

    • Dustin says:

      They’re fantastic guitars. You’re probably just jumping on the Gibson bandwagon cos it’s the what all the “cool kids” are doing. Lol

      • Keenan says:

        Actually, compared to even higher end epiphones, the attention to detail that they are giving they’re products is pretty terrible. Still good instruments, but they cut quite a few corners now judging from the dozen or so I’ve played, including my own studio, and it’s very hard to justify anything close to asking prices anymore to me and many others.

      • OMK says:

        quite a quick assumption to make there. I’ve heard from people in the trade, that I trust, their quality has been steadily slipping for years. Is that jumping on the bandwagon, or an informed opinion?
        I wouldn’t buy one because I can’t stand being mainstream, but that doesn’t mean I would call their quality crap without some evidence.
        It’s only logical for a big company to cut corners here and there. taking 5 minutes less to sand or tune something to perfection, will add up to millions of dollars extra profit.
        Even more so if all their fanboys will defend them online regardless.
        You can’t dismiss actual criticism by just hating on the people voicing it. Well, you can.. if you’re short-sighted.

        • Unapologist says:

          As it’s not first hand info it is not an informed opinion but just the biased opinion of others. Gibsons are ok guitars. For their price point they might be better made, but then anything made in the US in guitars is overpriced at this point in time. Asians knock out better made guitars every year and US builders, including luthiers, produce guitars with too many little flaws year after year without improvement; nothing new, not just Gibson. Consumers dont expect dozens of little flaws. Will they stop you from playing the guitar those little flaws, no, but consumers want perfection for a reasonable price. First-hand info, from a guitar seller, myself. I own several brand guitars, including a Gibson ES-355 which I got 2nd hand.

    • Dustin says:

      Correction: The Gibson hating bandwagon.

    • B-8WEE says:

      Gibson are the best,I own a 1979 Les Paul,a 1995 J-200 acoustic & a beautiful 2018 ES 335 sixties cherry. I haven’t had any problems with any of them & they all play fantastic!

      • Bonewire says:

        I just bought my first Gibson, 2019 originals collection flying v. It was as close to flawless coming out of the box as I could hope for… and it plays every bit as good as it looks.. I couldn’t be happier with it.. especially after playing Strats for the past 25 years.. And, call me a patriot, but I will pay the extra money to have “Made in the USA” inscribed on my guitars.. just my preference.. In my opinion, I think JC is making a hell of an effort to bring Gibson back to it’s old quality standards, whether you like Agnesi or not.. it’s just talk..

  11. claude bolz says:

    It’s weird that NuGibson’ first foray into re-branding chose to use “Authentic” as a buzz word. CF Martin has been using “Authentic ” for their top-of-the-line series since 2005, an almost 15 year head start in establishing “Authentic” as their premium acoustic guitars. There wasn’t *any* other term that the new crew could come up with?
    I know CFM4 used to enjoy “poking Henry”, and their wasn’t any love lost between the two – I wonder how the Gibson plan went down in Nazareth.

  12. Cade says:

    Hire me I can run it

  13. Hoof Hearted says:

    McKnight is a hack, he plays the nice guy, but he’s a scumbag.

  14. Ted says:

    Frankly, I will never subsidize Gibson ever again. Bully attitude, coupled with snobbery about “copy right” on shapes. Whatever. Build a better guitar, ESPECIALLY for the pricings they extort. You want a Badass guitar??? I suggest you contact D’haitre guitars. Andy will deliver!

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