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Find Your Fender

Find Your Fender a digital tool to. help you choose a new guitar or bass  ·  Source: Fender


Fender has just launched a new tool designed to increase sales… er, to make finding your ideal Fender a little bit easier. The FindYourFender microsite works by asking you some basic questions about your preferences and then proceeds to offer you some models it feels you would enjoy. My first attempt came up with three models I’d never even consider…



FindYourFender helps you choose a new electric or acoustic guitar, bass or ukulele, covering a lot of Fender’s stringed instruments. It’s aimed squarely at newer players, though, helping to guide beginners find their way through the maze of models, series and ranges towards finding the guitar that’s best for them. Describing Fender’s thinking behind the new tool, CMO Even Jones said:

“The current circumstances have made it harder for new enthusiasts to get the hands-on experience and expert advice they need before investing in their first instrument. For any new player to be successful in the long term, it’s important they get the information they deserve and the right instrument from the start.

“All too often, the guitar buying experience can be overwhelming for beginners, but FindYourFender is one of the first interactive online experiences to offer new players an intuitive, personalized solution.”

I was offered…

The first time I used FindMyFender, it chose three models I’d never consider. Now that’s now a bad thing at all; it was actually fun to see how it would interpret my choices. The three models selected on my first go were the HSH Player Stratocaster, the Affinity Series Starcaster and a Player Lead III. None of these are guitars I have ever considered owning.


Set the parameters and off you go!

The tool asks you a few simple questions about what type of sound you like, whether you are left or right handed, your preferred colours and your budget up to a maximum of £950. Using your preferences, it then makes three suggestions. Although my suggestions were unexpected, I can see this being useful for new players, as Fender has an awful lot of guitars. Currently not everyone can get to a guitar store to ask questions and try out new instruments.

One aspect I liked was that the FindYourFender allows you to listen to the tones the instruments make. That will help prevent beginners getting lost in all the variety on offer. In fact, it’s a neat way to listen in and compare what is on offer using a simple two-slider interface.

I think this is a step in the right direction. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy that purple Player Lead III someday. Go and try it out and let us know what instruments FindYourFender chose for you.

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