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Wampler Terraform Multi-Modulation pedal

Wampler Terraform Multi-Modulation pedal  ·  Source: Wampler

Wampler has just announced a brand-new multi-modulation pedal called Terraform. And it certainly packs in a swathe of modulation effects that should cover all your bases and then some. Will it take the crown of “Best Multi-Modulation Pedal” from Strymon’s Mobius?

Modulation Station

Wampler’s Terraform “do-it-all” modulation pedal crams in an absolute shed load of modulation into its relatively compact format. As a digital multi-effects device with 48 kHz sampling rate, 24 bit audio and 56 bit processing, it kind of reminds me of my Strymon Mobius* pedal, which up until now, for me, has been the king of multi-modulation pedals.

11 modulation effects are available:

  • Auto-Wah
  • Envelope filter
  • Flanger
  • Phaser
  • U Vibe
  • Rotary
  • Car swell
  • Tremolo
  • Harmonic tremolo
  • Chorus
  • Dimension
Wampler Terraform 11 modulation effects in one pedal!

Wampler Terraform 11 modulation effects in one pedal!


All algorithms have been programmed in-house from scratch and Wampler tells us they’re inspired by old and new classic effects from the history of guitar pedals. The desired modulation effect is selected with a thick potentiometer on the left side. The Rate, Depth, Blend, Variable and Volume parameters are immediately available for fine adjustment.

Tap Tempo & Exp

I really like that there are no annoying sub-menus. So this pedal should be easy to navigate. Of course, a tap tempo control was a must have, making it easy to use in a band scenario. Plus you have the expression pedal input, so you can play with parameters live as well.

Presets and MIDI

All settings can be stored in 8 memory locations and can also be accessed externally via MIDI .

Smart Routing

Wampler has integrated several signal routing options. You can choose to play in true stereo with all its creaminess – or in mono. There’s some clever routing shenanigans here that give you more options to put the selected effect in the right place in the signal chain. Wanna put the Auto-wah in front of the amp and Chorus in the effect loop? Thanks to the pre/post mode, this is not a problem. Nifty.

A competitor for Strymon’s Mobius?

The Mobius is getting quite old now, as one of Strymon’s first forays into recreating classic modulation pedals. On paper, the Terraform and the Mobius are quite similar, so it will really all come down to the sound quality, build quality and ease of use. Price-wise, they are close, athough the Mobius is slightly more expensive. The Wampler could win out on price alone.

Take a listen to the videos below and let us know what you think.

RRP: EUR 329

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by Jef

3 responses to “Wampler Terraform Multi-Modulation pedal: A Strymon Mobius killer?”

  1. pfrf says:

    I’ve been waiting for this pedal to be released. The initial video demo sounds good but I’m not blown away, especially by the sound of the filter effects.
    I have a Mobius which I like for tremolo, auto swell, and some of the lo fi effects. I also think the filter on the Mobius sounds great. I’ve never found the standard mod effects, like flange, phase and chorus, to be very involving. They sound good but lack character. So I’ve been hoping for a competitor (besides Eventide) to come along.
    I will try it for myself, but so far it appears to be a simpler pedal with fewer parameters and it sounds similar to the Mobius. Which is very good of course, but maybe not good enough for me to switch.

  2. Steve says:

    I’d be interested to hear the autowah/envelope filter to see how close it can get to the ‘mysterious ways’ tone.

  3. Bjorn says:

    I don’t think it can be compared with the mobius at all! Not that it’s not a good idea with a more simple and good sounding multimodulation pedals. The mobius (I own one) , and know the GFI SYNESTHESIA (which by the way is more likely to be the Mobius killer) have fare more options. Just take the phaser section of the Mobius where you can choose between 2,4,6,8,12 or something stages of phasing AND ajust the resonance and so forth. The same goes for all of the machines in the Mobius. The Terraform seems to be another idea, and that’s good. It seems it will give you all of the most standard modulation tones in a very easy way, without all the sometimes frustrating options and submenus of ex the Mobius. Another difference is the presets options and the midi implementation that by the look of the manual is much more simple than the Mobius and the Synesthesia. It only gives you 8 onboard presets in total and not expandable via midi like for instance Source Audio Nemesis, and it seems you can only send the pedal pc messages to change between the presets. With the Mobius and most other pedals that have integrated midi you can also control all parameters of the pedals with control changes messages. I would be missing the option to change the bypass state of the pedal with a cc message if I had to integrate it into my midi rig.

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