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u-he Hive 2.0

u-he Hive 2.0  ·  Source: u-he

u-he has brought HIVE bang up to date with a fresh new look, new sounds, better workflow and a whole West Coast function generator modulation section, “Shape Sequencing” and a ruddy great big scope in the familiar middle hexagon. Hive 2.0 is effortlessly brilliant.

Hive 2.0

I love the range and movement in Hive. It’s adaptable and ready to be whatever you want it to be. You can spend a lifetime browsing through the 2000 odd presets, particularly if you use an NKS MIDI keyboard where all the parameters are mapped for you. And the amount of parameters can get a bit of out of control which is where I particularly like the new drag-and-drop modulation feature. Rather than trying to find the right control in the matrix you can now drag an LFO directly onto the knob you want to control.

But speaking of modulation they have added entirely new West Coast inspired function generators. These can be envelopes, LFOs, gates, slew limiters and all sorts. These can work with the Shape Sequencer to keep the modulation moving and evolving into interesting places as it controls up to 4 parameters from a single sequence. One nice touch is the adding of solo buttons on the oscillators and filter signals so that you can zoom in on exactly what’s going on.

They’ve added a fully featured oscilloscope to view the output of any audio signal or modulation path. You can zoom in, freeze the display and use it to better understand what’s going on.

Otherwise it’s the same bringing together of 3 different virtual analogue and wavetable synthesizer engine, with 2 oscillators per voice and up to 16 voice unison.

Existing Hive users can upgrade for only €20. New users will be looking at a healthy €149.

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