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U-He Hive 2

U-He Hive 2  ·  Source: U-He

It’s more of a tease really with only a cropped image to go on and some very scant details.

Hive 2

It’s only a month after the original Hive 1.2 update but apparently, Hive 2 will be arriving in a couple of months. It will have a completely overhauled interface, a lot of new modulation and support for the Native Instruments NKS standard for hardware control. It will be backwards compatible with version 1 presets and patches.

It’s a €20 upgrade or anyone who buys Hive 1.2 now will get the upgrade for free when it arrives.

The original Hive is a virtual analogue synthesizer with 3 different synth engines. It has 2 pairs of stereo oscillators and subs with 10 waveforms each. Polyphonic to 16 voices with 16x unison per oscillator. 2 LFOs, 2 filters, modulation matrix, sequencing/arpeggiator and a load of effects. The interface does look a little dated so this version 2 update is very welcome.

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