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Noise Engineering Freequel

Noise Engineering Freequel  ·  Source: Noise Engineering


Virt Vereor, Sinc Vereor and Ruina of the Freequel plugin bundle get some graphical polish, workflow improvements and an extensive internal modulation upgrade – and they’re still free.



The Freequel bundle is a great set of three VST/AU/AAX plugins for macOS and Windows, including the Virt Vereor and Sinc Vereor synths and the Ruina distortion. They emerged from Noise Engineering’s DSP development on Eurorack modules and can now find home in your DAW.

You can grab the plugins from the Noise Engineering customer portal. They are completely free and I must take a moment to congratulate them on the quality of their fabulous installer – nice job. If you already have the plugins then the installing will find them and sort them out with no fuss at all.


Once updated you’ll notice a new Modulation tab has appeared. Inside this modulation engine, you’ll find 4 LFOs and 4 Macros. The LFOs can be all sorts of different waveforms as well as a step sequencer or ADSR envelope. The Macros can control any number of parameters and then be assigned to MIDI control or modulated with other LFOs.

There are other modulators too. “Note” derives a modulation value based on the incoming MIDI note. “Env” is either the onboard dynamics envelope in the synth or the volume envelope of incoming audio in effects plugins. “Vel” is MIDI note velocity and “After” is channel aftertouch.

To assign modulators simply right-click and tick the boxes from the menu. All the active modulation is nicely indicated and animated in the GUI and you can get very precise on the range and depth of these controls. The range of control you have over the modulation is excellent with options for direction as well steepness of the curve. There’s also a Learn CC button to attach a MIDI control right in there.


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More Information

The depths you can go to on this modulation page are amazing. This isn’t just a little LFO update this is a huge modulation matrix engine that radically overhauls the functionality of these plugins. Fantastic!

There was other stuff too like advanced randomisation, MPE support and channel and note aftertouch. That’s plenty I think.

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Noise Engineering Freequel

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