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Townsend Labs Sphere 1.4

Townsend Labs Sphere 1.4  ·  Source: YouTube / Townsend Labs


Townsend Labs has added ten new microphone models to its Sphere plug-in. With the new additions in Sphere 1.4, the company’s L22 dual-capsule microphone is capable of emulating more than 30 individual microphone models.


Sphere is the software component of the L22 dual-capsule microphone, which competes with the Austrian Audio OC818 and the Lewitt LCT 640 TS. The latest update, which is free of charge, brings the number of included mic models to 30. Townsend Labs says that the characteristics of the microphones have been modeled to emulate the transient response, harmonics, proximity effect, and polar response of the originals.

10 new microphone emulations

Among the new additions in Sphere 1.4 is the LD-563, which emulates all three interchangeable microphone heads of the Gefell CMV 563. In cardioid mode, the model is based on an M7 capsule. The omni mode was modeled after an M55k capsule. In figure-8, the LD-563 emulates an M8. 

Also new is the LD-017T, which was created in collaboration with Soyuz Microphones. It is a software recreation of the Soyuz 017 TUBE mic. The DN-409N model emulates two variants of the Sennheiser MD 409: the older N version and the 1980s U version.


More Sennheiser: The DN-421N model offers the MD 421 in three variants. The N version is a beige 421 from the 1960s. The B version reflects the current production black 421. Finally, there’s the S variant, which is the oldest of the three.

The DN-12A and DN-12E models are software emulations of two Austrian microphone classics for bass drum and bass instruments; it’s obvious that we’re talking AKG. Finally, Sphere 1.4 adds the SD-416, which emulates the Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun microphone.

These new additions add quite a bit of sonic variety to Sphere and the L22 mic. Owners of the dual-diaphragm mic should definitely download the update, especially since it’s free!

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Townsend Labs Sphere 1.4

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