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Tomatek-Audio MMVCF

Tomatek-Audio MMVCF  ·  Source: Tomatek-Audio


Coming out of Amsterdam is the handmade MMVCF filter Eurorack module based on the Oberheim filter design found in the OBX-a analog synthesizer.



We all like a nice Oberheim filter and this one looks really lovely. Its good clean design and layout would look good in any rack. It uses the AS3320 chip to run the 12dB-per-octave multi-mode filter and has 4 individual outputs; Notch, Bandpass, Low-pass and High-pass.

There’s CV control over the cutoff with a fixed V/Oct input which can be pushed into self-oscillation over 6 octaves. Resonance is also CV controlled and there’s an FM input with switchable attenuation/attenuversion.

An input gain control offers a bit of drive with soft and hard clipping depending on how hard you push it.

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TomTek-Audio currently sell through Etsy and have the MMVCF listed for £163.54

Matrix 4×2

They also have a 4 input 2 output DC-coupled mixer module which is good for audio and CV. Another good looking module. Available now for £108.73.

Tomatek-Audio Matrix 4x2

Tomatek-Audio Matrix 4×2

More information

  • Tomatek-Audio Etsy page.

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