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Conjured Circuits JP6

Conjured Circuits JP6  ·  Source: Conjured Circuits


Conjured Circuits has built an impressive looking multimode voltage-controlled filter based upon the design of the Jove from System80 that was inspired by the filter on the Roland Jupiter-6.



The Jove is a fabulous sounding filter that demonstrates the individual character of the Jupiter-6 with a dash of Jupiter-8 in the 12dB Lowpass mode. I have no doubt that the JP6 will sound just as good. The JP6 is built as a 2U MU large format modular module and looks awesome.


It is based around a cascaded Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) and in this case is using the LM13700 OTA in place of the obsolete Roland IR3109 quad OTA. So it’s as authentic as you’re going to get in a new build.

The JP6 has 4 modes: 24 dB low pass, 12 dB low pass, bandpass and high pass. It has 2 audio inputs, logarithmic attenuated, 2 frequency CV inputs, one unipolar input and one attenuverted input and 1 resonance CV input, attenuated.

At €267 according to ModularGrid it’s pretty good value for an MU module.

More information

  • Conjured Circuits Facebook page.
Conjured Circuits JP6

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