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Tiptop Audio Forbidden Planet

Tiptop Audio Forbidden Planet  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio


TipTop Audio has a new and exciting Eurorack filter for us to play with. Forbidden Planet is influenced by the 1975 Steiner-Parker Synthacon model they claim it will take your Eurorack “into new orbits”.


Forbidden Planet (the filter, not the movie or the shop)

The movie was, of course, made decades before Nyle Steiner came up with his filter design. But whatever the reason behind the name Forbidden Planet it does alter the way you look at it. You just know that this is going to be fruity, and sci-fi and astronomical. It’s in TipTops colours which do have a little bit of a Marmite factor going on, but I’m certainly enjoying the front panel art.

Forbidden Planet is a multi-mode filter with three modes; Low, High and Bandpass. Each has its own input running through the filter to a mixed output. You can use the inputs individually or all at once if you wish. The cut-off knob is front and centre, which is nice, but it has two CV control inputs, one with attenuation and one without. This allows you to combine modulation sources for some spacey and unusual cut-off control. The Resonance control can push the filter from smooth all the way up to aggressive and chaotic. At the end of the chain you have a very useful volume control over the output.

It looks like a capable and creative multi-mode filter. The manual is full of examples of how it can be used which is a very welcome and helpful thing to the less initiated. The video below also shows it in a great light. Yes, very nice indeed (if you can get over the colour scheme).

Forbidden Planet is available now for a very retro €105.

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Tiptop Audio Forbidden Planet

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