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Tetanuscaster  ·  Source: New Perspectives Music

We’ve seen guitars made of paper, pencils and sweets – so what’s next? A guitar made of nails, of course! Dubbed the Tetanuscaster, we’ve been fascinated by this guitar. It’s made from used nails pulled from old pallets, and it looks insane. 

Nail that tone!

Tim Sway builds things out of reclaimed materials. His latest shenanigans are documented in a YouTube video in which he crafts a guitar from the nails he’s pulled from the reclaimed pallets and boards left over from some of his previous builds.




The Tetanuscaster is up for sale – so you could buy it if you fancy a one off, unique, nail-themed guitar. The look was achieved by pounding the reclaimed nails into the body. It certainly has a (ahem) rustic and upcycled aesthetic to it!

This guitar has a 25.5″ scale-length burnt maple neck with a 16″ radius fretboard. It comes with a set of EMG Select pickups, with a humbucker in the bridge position and a single-coil in the neck position.

It will ship in a ‘well-used bass guitar hardshell case’ – probably the only one they could find to fit it in. It shredded the original gig bag they tried first.

Watch the video below to see it being made and hear it in action. If you fancy buying it, follow the link to the sale. Make sure you have all your tetanus shots up to date before you play it, though!

RRP – USD 1995

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