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Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100  ·  Source: Brainworx

The new Brainworx Rockergain 100 is a software emulation of the 100 Watt monster that is the Orange Rockerverb valve head. And thankfully, as it is a plugin, you don’t have to go deaf to hear it in all its glory. Read on to find out more.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

The Brainworx Rockergain 100 is a new virtual amp based on the hugely popular Orange Rockerverb head. The plugin has two channels, and emulates the four EL34 tubes of the power section and the four 12AX7s of the preamp section of the amp that it’s based on. Its clean channel offers controls over BASS and TREBLE, while the dirty channel adds an extra one for MID. The plugin looks simple enough to use, and has some neat extra features that you can use to further tweak your sound.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100 a viral Orange Rockerverb for your DAW


Extra features include a LoFi delay, noise gate, filter (tight/smooth), power soak, and a bypass for pre- and power-amp sections. There are also 120 recording chains on offer, that are based on impulse responses produced on a Neve desk.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100 for your DAW

The plugin runs on macOS 10.9, or higher and Windows 7, or higher in AAX, AU, VST, and VST3 formats. There doesn’t appear to be a standalone version, which is a pity. Looks like you’ll have to fire up your DAW to use this software.

Introductory Pricing

Currently, it has an introductory price tag of $129.99 after which it will got up to the regular $149.99. In case you’d like to try it out first, there’s a free 14 day trial of the plugin for you to play with. Click the link below for more information.

RRP – USD 149.99

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