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Brainworx VI tease

Brainworx VI tease  ·  Source: Plugin Alliance


In a weirdly mysterious press release Plugin Alliance and Brainworx announce that they are getting into the virtual instrument game but forget to tell us anything about any actual products.


Brainworx VI

Instead, they spend a lot of time telling us how awesome their plug-ins have been up until now (no argument there) and how we’re all going to be wowed and have our minds blown by what is about to happen. It’s sort of like a very long and wordy tease that would have probably been more elegantly done in a good old teaser video that we could then ponder over.

They say that the software synthesizers will feature their Tolerance Modelling Technology (TMT) so presumably, they are modelling all sorts of oscillators and synthesizer circuitry like they have with high-end audio processors.

All of this great. And I’m thrilled that Plugin Alliance and thrilled with what Brainworx are doing and I’m also excited to get a few more details. Well, any details at all would be awesome. Some come guys, throw us a bone here!

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