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Reverb Shoot-out

The Reverb World Cup presented by Spitfire Audio  ·  Source: Spitfire Audio


We do love us a good blind test here at They force you to trust your ears, without all the visual niceties to influence your opinion. There are some lovely, expertly sculpted GUIs and hardware interfaces out there. But I often wonder – would those much-hyped “amazing” effects attract the same sort of praise if they were behind an equally functional but generic interface? Of course not. Blind tests let you zoom in on the most important aspect: the sound quality.


Spitfire Audio have done a nice reverb shoot-out they’ve called the Reverb World Cup. They’ve pitted the following against each other:

  • TC Electronic TC6000
  • Bricasti M7
  • Audioease Altiverb
  • Lexicon PCM
  • Exponential Audio R2
  • FabFilter Pro-R
  • Valhalla Room
  • Apple (Logic) Chroma

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that some of the cheaper effects did very well, with one even making it into the “final”. The whole video is about 20 minutes long but well worth a watch. So grab yourself a coffee, kick back and see if you agree with the experts.

One interesting aspect was that the expensive hardware didn’t do all that well, if you take the prices into account. But comparisons like this one do show how close the quality field has got these days, and that with modestly priced plug-ins – including the ones bundled with your DAW – you can get some very nice reverb sounds.

Which one was your favourite?


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Reverb Shoot-out

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