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Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 3

Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 3  ·  Source: Digital Brain Instruments


Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 3 is a stand-alone app for post-production or real-time vocal effects. What’s this? Well, it makes voices sound like they’re coming from a walkie-talkie, radio, or telephone – in exhaustive lo-def and complete with appropriate background noise. If you tried Audiothing’s hyper-realistic megaphone emulation and couldn’t get enough of it, Talkie Box 3 is where you’re headed for more of that good mangled voice stuff…


Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 3

This software (again, not a plug-in) emulates the sound of walkie-talkies, radios and telephones. You can use it to edit your voice as you speak, sing or scream into the abyss. And you can also process existing recordings in WAV, AIFF, and MP3 formats.

To do its thing, Talkie Box 3 doesn’t merely filter the signals, it also adds additional effects and sounds. In the walkie-talkie section, for example, there are distortion, resonance, and bandstop effects. The radio section changes the bandwidth of the signal and the noise section lets you generate custom background noises out of existing recordings. Since radio interference sounds are also possible, you can adjust the frequency modulation from an X/Y pad. Hey, every little bit counts! To that, there are also fine-tuning controls to blend between the outputs of the different sections.

Heading to the Master Rack, it offers 4 slots for external plug-ins along with an integrated 3-band parametric EQ, high and low-pass filters, and a bit-crusher. The possibility of multitrack recording is there as well. You can record separate outputs from the radio, telephone, noise engine, voice lab, and master sections simultaneously.


Talkie Box 3 can come in handy when producing audio for films, games, and other mediums of recorded dialog. I can’t help but wonder if it could have been a plug-in. DAWs and third-party apps aren’t especially good at ‘talking’ to each other, which complicates the recording and production process. Still, can’t fault the developer for releasing a solid standalone application.

Talkie Box 3 – Price and availability

Digital Brain Instruments is selling the software for USD 69. Talkie Box 3 works under macOS 10.11.6 or newer (Apple Silicon is not natively supported) and Windows (7 or newer). Instructions in PDF format can be found on the manufacturer’s website along with a free demo version.

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Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 3

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