Tracktion 7

Fully fledged DAW Tracktion 7 is now free

15 Aug 2018 in
Tracktion Corporation has announced that Tracktion 7 is now completely free. Unlimited tracks, VST support, vocal comping and step sequencing it has everything you need to produce music on MacOS, Windows or ...
Sensomusic MusineKit 2

MusineKit 2: A musical adventure playground

11 Nov 2017 in
Developed by Sensomusic and La Muse En Circuit, MusineKit 2 brings a playful and creative musical box of modules to touch, control, manipulate and mess about with on Windows or MacOS. Pure joyfulness.
Bitwig Studio 2

Bitwig announce Bitwig Studio 2

12 Jan 2017 in
Bitwig Studio 2 focuses on modulation, device manipulation and CV/Gate integration as well as fixing most of the stuff that's been lacking.