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Sensomusic MusineKit 2

Sensomusic MusineKit 2  ·  Source: MusineKit


A playful and experimental piece of software that’s described as being educational and dedicated to the practice of music and sound art. MusineKit 2 looks amazing and is completely free.


MusineKit 2

Created by SensoMusic (Usine Hollyhock) and La Muse En Circuit (French National centre of musical creation) MusineKit lets you create music by playing with sound and exploring the world of sound around us. The interface reflects Usine Hollyhock and has a similar modular approach to sound generation. There are a dozen modules, each demonstrating a different way of interacting with sound. They are a bit like musical games where you don’t need any musical experience to start playing.

The modules cover a range of things like additive synthesis, polyrhythms, sequencing, sampling, looping and drum machines. MusineKit encourages the use of a wide selection of inputs devices. MIDI of course, but also mouse, keyboard, touch, gestures, joysticks and game controllers. There’s a module designed for the Leap Motion controller. This further enforces the idea of “play” being central to this fun piece of software.


It’s a 400MB download that unpacks into about 800MB and runs from a single executable. The different modules run in a Usine style workspace. It’s perfect for a touch screen, really very engaging, although you can just as easily use a mouse or trackpad. This is the sort of thing that wet Sunday afternoons were invented for. Or just give it to your kids to play with. The educational and play elements are very apparent – but it’s more than that and reminds me that I really do need to have a closer look at Hollyhock.

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Sensomusic MusineKit 2

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