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Faselunare VEGA

Faselunare VEGA  ·  Source: Faselunare

Faselunare VEGA Prototype

Faselunare VEGA Prototype  ·  Source: Faselunare

Faselunare VEGA

Faselunare VEGA  ·  Source: Faselunare

At SynthFest France 2020  – this year operating “à la maison” Faselunare has given us a glimpse of VEGA, a prototype 4-channel digital drum module.


In the video it looks a lot like a module for VCV Rack but I’m pretty sure this will be a real module for real modular racks. It’s still in the prototype stage at the moment and will probably change again before it’s ready.

Faselunare VEGA

Faselunare VEGA

It has 4 voices of digital drums with two sound engines for each voice: drum synthesis with multiple waveforms and samples from an SD card. The signal path has a percussion focused envelope generator and a double Lowpass/Highpass filter.

The voices are mixed internally and sent to two Master FX. Not sure yet what they are or how they work.

The front panel uses colour coded parameters and light-up buttons which gives a fabulously visual representation of what’s going on. 2 endless encoders give access to the samples and sounds you’re after and a row of LEDs lets you know where you are.

Availability should be in the summer and the price is yet to be decided. But it looks like a very cool and useful module in only 6HP.

Faselunare tells me that they have 3 more products coming soon: Shapeshifter – Drum Machine, Microcosmos – Teensy based synth and audio dev board and Suborbital – Arduino based board for eurorack prototyping and more. All of them are open source.

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