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Arturia Synclavier V2

Arturia Synclavier V2  ·  Source: Arturia

Arturia has updated the Synclavier V, their software emulation of the classic digital synthesizer/workstation. Version 2 brings sampling and resynthesis which makes you wonder what it had before.

Synclavier V2

The original version was all about additive synthesis, frequency modulation and timeslice synthesis methods found in the keyboard. But the Synclavier evolved and most famously pioneered technology such as sampling, resynthesis and direct-to-disk recording. And it’s that side of the Synclavier history that Arturia are tapping into with the V2.

Resynthesis came about as a method of getting more out of samples. At the time the sampling was pretty simple and memory was very small. Resynthesis gave them the opportunity to use the awesomeness of sampled waveforms in more creative and versatile ways. It analyses and takes parameters from a basic sampled waveform and recreates them using synthesis. You can then tweak and adjust the sound as you would with a regular synth while retaining the tonal character of the sample.

On the sampler side it works just like a basic, old-school sampler. Drop in a sample and play it across the keyboard – job done. It has an authentic grain to the pitch shifting, speeding it up and slowing it down as you play up and down the keyboard. There are a few controls over start and end points but this is the essence of the early sampler. But turn on the resynthesis engine and the possibilities extend off into the distance.

It has a sound like nothing else. Arturia has included over 150 new presets, including many original “New England” samples, to give you a flavour of what’s possible with this new version. And it’s a free update to all Synclavier V or V Collection users.

V Collection Update

And the V Collection gets a bump up to version 6.2. It includes a number of bug fixes, some smoothing out of the Keylab MkII integration and other bits and pieces. Again it’s a free update to existing users.

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