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Synclavier Apps

Synclavier Apps  ·  Source: Synclavier


Synclavier appeared on our radar recently in the shape of the Synclavier V virtual instrument created in collaboration with Arturia. Using the same technology Synclavier are releasing 2 new virtual synth apps for iOS and a hardware knob controller.


Synclavier for iOS

For iPad there will be Synclavier Go! It recreates the Synclavier II Digital Synthesizer of 1980 with all it’s FM and Additive synthesis functions. The GUI attempts to rework the original interface into a touch-friendly version which at the moment looks pretty complex.

For iPhones there will be Synclavier Pocket! It’s more or less the same thing but smaller, free to download with in-app purchases.


As far as I know neither come with the multi-track sampling, recording or sequencing of the original machine, this is all about the synthesis engine.

Synclavier Knob

The Synclavier Knob is a little stand with a knob on it that hopes to recapture some of the hardware feel of the original data wheel control surface. It works over USB and is compatible with existing Synclavier 3 systems (Mac-based hardware/software). One assumes that it will work with the new iOS apps but it doesn’t really say that.

Apparently, all will be revealed at NAMM 2019. It’s a little odd because at the top of the old-school website it says “How long can you hold your breath? The next step in the evolution of this remarkable instrument will be demonstrated on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 1pm in Anaheim, California”. That sounds quite exciting! Could there be something more awesome coming from Synclavier? If it’s all about a 20 dollar iPad app then I confess I would feel a little disappointed. But hey, it could be really good.

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