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Dreadbox Erebus and Hades

Dreadbox Erebus and Hades  ·  Source: Gearnews


Great news! The discontinued Erebus analog synthesizer and Hades bass synth are being brought back to life as Eurorack compatible DIY Kits like the Dysmetria and Dysphonia.


Erebus and Hades DIY

I thought the release of the Dysphonia DIY synth last year was a super idea and a great success. I was very pleased to see Dreadbox following this up with the Dysmetria DIY groove synth. Little did I know that there are plans afoot to re-release the Erebus and Hades synths in the same format.

The Erebus is probably Dreadbox’s most popular little synthesizer. It was around when I was first looking into modular synths a few years back and was always in the top 3 of semi-modular choices along with the Make Noise 0-Coast and Moog Mother-32. Apparently, along with the Hades bass synth, Dreadbox gets asked to bring them back all the time.

Dreadbox Erebus DIY

Dreadbox Erebus DIY

So, as we understand it, this summer will see the return of both these synthesizers in the same DIY kit format as the Dysmetria and Dysphonia. This means that they will be affordable and also transplantable into a Eurorack system by simply removing them from the case. If they come with a case at all because the other two kits don’t. They just come with stand-offs as legs and a Eurorack-to-USB power connector.

Dreadbox Hades DIY

Dreadbox says that the synths are exactly the same with just a couple of minor improvements. So this will be your chance to get an Erebus or Hades if you missed out before. The kits are not difficult to build but do require a soldering iron and an afternoon. I also hope they do more runs of the Dysphonia and Dysmetria because these kits are really fabulous.

More information

Dreadbox talks about them and the new Dysmetria from about the 4-minute mark in this Synthanatomy video. There’s no information on the website at this time.


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Dreadbox is on booth 0131.


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  1. Daniel says:

    I’m waiting for the Abyss mk.2 announcement. Any idea of its progress?

    • Cruel Fate says:

      It shall be released exactly a month after you get tired of waiting and purchase another synth that you did not really want but got anyway. Muhahahahaha! Bwaaaahahahaahahahaha! JAAARHARHARHARHAR!

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