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Rossum Electro Linnaeus

Rossum Electro Linnaeus  ·  Source: Rossum Electro


Rossum-Electro has something new and suitably mind-boggling. “Linnaeus is a stereo state-variable filter that provides the unique ability to linearly modulate its resonant frequency through zero into negative frequency while maintaining stability”. Got that?



It’s all about manipulating and modulating the filters natural response curve. It’s all one knob per function and very CV controllable. It can be continuously variable from low to high pass, band and high shelving.


I’m struggling to really grasp what it’s all about so here are some specs that might help:

  • Ultra-wide frequency range, exponentially voltage-controllable from sub-audio to ultrasonic via precise 1V/OCT and attenuverted CV inputs.
  • Thru-zero linear frequency modulation via an internal modulation oscillator and/or an external linear FM input.
  • Variable linear modulation index, voltage-controllable via an attenuverted CV input.
  • Resonance (Q) exponentially voltage-controllable from 0dB to greater than 60dB via 6dB/V and attenuverted CV inputs.
  • Continuously variable response characteristics independently selectable for each of the two channels via individual Enable controls. Characteristics include Lowpass (12db/oct and 6db/oct), Bandpass, Highpass (12db/oct and 6db/oct), Notch, and Low and High Shelving.
  • Voltage control of response characteristics via an attenuverted CV input. Individual Enable controls let you independently enable or disable CV control of response for each channel.
  • An integrated modulation oscillator with continuously variable waveform from Off through Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square. Its frequency can be exponentially voltage controlled via an attenuverted CV input.
  • A Track control that lets the modulation oscillator precisely track the filter’s exponential frequency.
  • Stereo inputs and outputs. LINNAEUS can process a stereo signal or two independent mono signals. While the two channels share the filter’s cutoff/resonant frequency, the filter response characteristics can be independently controlled for each channel.
  • The solid, high-quality construction you expect from Rossum Electro-Music.
  • 16HP wide and 25mm deep.
  • Power requirements (max):  140mA +12V, 25mA -12V. Reverse polarity protected.

Linnaeus will be available this summer from Rossum Electro-Music dealers worldwide. I’m looking forward to a video that shows it in action and hopefully gets past the fog of the overly complex details.

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Rossum Electro Linnaeus

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