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Blackstar 10th Anniversary limited edition 10 watt combos

Blackstar 10th Anniversary limited edition 10 watt combos  ·  Source: Blackstar


Blackstar has come up with a way of making sure you know they’ve been in business for 10 years by releasing three new 10-Watt combo amps all based on existing Blackstar models. These versions, however, are better suited to home and studio use, with each giving a slightly different tonal footprint. 


Ten Watt Combos

Each mini-combo has a 10-Watt output hooked up to a 1×12″ speaker. They all come styled in a way reminiscent of the larger scale originals. This gives these mini-amps a super cute look that says, “I’m easy to smuggle into your house without your partner finding out that you have bought yet another amp!”

Artisan 10 AE

Artisan 10 AE is a Low Gain (aka. crunch) and British voiced amp but is also equipped with a “Hot Pre Amp Boost” for those who want a bit more tweaking at the push of a button. A single EL34 drives the amps output stage.

Artist 10 AE

According to Balckstar, the Artist 10 AE delivers bright clean sounds and “hot” lead sounds, thanks to the single 6L6 in the final stage. For the amp overdrive sound, Blackstar has used their HT-Drive pedal circuit to achieve some dirt.

Series One 10 AE

The Solo One 10 AE is equipped with a KT88, which has more clean headroom and is taken from the circuit of Blackstar’s S1-200 amp series. It’s allegedly got a dynamic, modern clean sound, plus a tighter high-gain tone that should be easy to dial in, Blackstar says, due to the use of their ISF technology.

Blackstar 10th Anniversary

Blackstar 10th Anniversary · Source: Blackstar

Perfect studio amps?

Each amp in the series has a post-power-amp, speaker-emulated output on the rear for recording alongside outputs for speaker cabs rated at 1×8, 1×16 and 2×16 ohms.

You also get a series effects loop that has an effects level switch. A single footswitch pedal input toggles the boost/overdrive circuit on each amp. They all have a reverb effect onboard. With an additional two button footswitch, you can engage the effect and boost function on each model.

These new mini-amps look super-cool to me. I like that they have features to make them easy to use for recording and I reckon they could make great practise amplifiers for those of use that are either pushed for space or cannot have loud amps at home.

Shame that they’re all limited to 1,000 units for each model…

RRP GBP 499 each

Blackstar Amps 10th Anniversary Amp Series product page

Blackstar 10th Anniversary limited edition 10 watt combos

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