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Stompai  ·  Source: Kickstarter / Eugene Kurdzesau


Now here’s a genius idea for all of you cash-strapped buskers out there. Stompai is a smartphone app that plays two different drum sounds, controlled by your foot. You actually tie the phone to your foot – well, there’s even a custom mount for that – and tap away. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!


Stompai was invented by Eugene Kurdzesau, a software engineer and musician from Minneapolis. The idea is as simple as it is compelling: The app uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect the movements of the foot. It then plays one of two selectable drum sounds, depending on whether you tap your heel or toe. It’s a game changer for singer/songwriters, buskers, and bonfire guitarists! Sure, you could invest in gadgets like the Boss DR-01S or Korg KR-55. But making music with a phone tied to your foot is just so much cooler. It’s also way less expensive, because you already have the phone. Put down your iBeer and get tapping!


Many sounds to choose from

The Stompai app contains a selection of various drum and percussion sounds, which you can assign to your heel and toe. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an option to load user samples. Now that would be even more awesome. But if the concept catches on, who knows – maybe they’ll add that option later. The Stompai app for iOS is now available for free on the App Store. An Android app is currently under development.

3D-printed foot mount

The makers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the large-scale production of a custom 3D-printed foot mount. They’re also seeking funding for the development of a bluetooth wireless option. There are different packages available, ranging from US $15 to $100. An early bird pledge of $15 gets you a foot mount at 50% off the $30 retail price. Pledge more and you’ll receive additional goodies like audio cables, cases, T-shirts and hats. The makers say that the foot mounts should be ready to ship in May 2019.

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