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Elite Acoustics EAE Stompmix 4

Elite Acoustics EAE Stompmix 4  ·  Source: Elite Acoustics

Elite Acoustics has announced that the Stompmix 4 is now available. It’s a smaller version of the Stompmix X6, which the company introduced earlier this year. Designed for performing on the go, the battery-powered EAE Stompmix 4 offers four channels of digital mixing in a compact stompbox format. 

The Elite Acoustics Stompmix 4 comes in a metal enclosure that looks very sturdy. It has two mic/line combo inputs on the right side, and two line level inputs at the back. The mic/line inputs are equipped with class-A mic preamps and individual pad buttons. Phantom power is also available, but can be selected only for both inputs at the same time. The outputs are on the left side, where you’ll find a stereo main output on two 1/4″ jacks, and an additional stereo output on an 1/8″ mini jack. Stompbox 4 can be powered with batteries or a 12V AC adapter.

DSP-powered effects

Stompmix 4 includes a DSP processor that powers the integrated effects. According to Elite Acoustics, the available effects include noise gate, compressor, EQ, reverb, delay, and more. There are also two notch filters on each channel, for dealing with troublesome frequencies. Four rotary knobs and the color display let you edit the effects and other settings.

Select up to 10 scenes with your feet

The mixer can store up to ten user scenes, which can be changed with the two foot switches. The switches can also perform other functions, including channel on/off, outputs on/off, reverb on/off, and tap tempo for the delay. This flexibility also makes the Stompmix 4 an interesting addition to a guitarist’s pedalboard: By switching inputs and outputs on and off with your feet, you can use it to send your signal through different effect chains.

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