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Electro-Faustus EF110M Blackfly Eurorack module

Electro-Faustus EF110M Blackfly Eurorack module  ·  Source:


Electro Faustus do remarkable things with springs. The EF110M is a Eurorack version of their EF110 Blackfly desktop spring activated noise generator. The Blackfly module will be debuted at NAMM this week.



What’s it all about? Well Electro Faustus like to, or so they say, create “outrageous digital gadgets”. The springs seem to be a bit of theme – Jef wrote about the Greyfly back in June which features 3 springs. The original Blackfly has 4 springs to twang, this Eurorack version has 2.

Then all you do is mess about with the springs. Strike them, grind your fingernails down them, bonk and twiddle them to generate an interesting array of sonics. The output can be generated as a waveform, rectified or as an envelope. The adventurously named Swarm knob provides a bit of gain.

The springs are pitched slightly differently giving you two tones of noise to play with. The only thing missing perhaps is the “Swat” button from the original that dropped in some cutting effects.

The video below gives some idea of what sort of madness can be achieved with it but I hope to see a wider range of demonstrations at the launch at NAMM.

Price is $149.95 and they’re available this week. More information on the Electro Fautus website.


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