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SPL Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3: Channel Strips Revamped

SPL Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3: Channel Strips Revamped  ·  Source: SPL


With a considerable update on their predecessors, the SPL Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3 channel strips offer a range of new improvements and a sleek redesign.


SPL is known for creating innovative and utilitarian audio hardware with the highest-quality analogue circuitry. You’ll find these impressive audio processing tools in recording and mastering studios the world over.

SPL Channel One Mk3

The SPL Channel One is a versatile and widely used recording channel strip that has been loved by studio engineers for more than two decades. However, regardless of its stellar reputation, SPL has implemented improvements in several areas.

With a simplified design approach, SPL has trimmed away features deemed unnecessary in modern recording workflows like FET distortion and optional AD conversion.

Meanwhile, the redesigned Channel One features a prominent and centrally placed VU meter, a tube saturation knob on the preamp stage, and a transient designer section – something SPL is famous for.

In addition, there are two selectable mic inputs and outputs for A/B’ing mics in the vocal booth and you can also bypass all processing sections individually or simply use the preamp output to incorporate other EQs or compressors in your setup.

SPL Channel One Mk3

Channel One Mk3

SPL Channel One Mk3

SPL Track One Mk3

The more affordable Track One Mk3 is a channel strip designed to enhance speech, vocals, or instruments in recording or live sound environments.


There are two independent preamps for the mic and instrument inputs. So while the mic preamp offers 63 dB of gain, line signals can be boosted by 22 dB, and instruments like guitars and basses have an additional 35 dB of gain to play with.

What’s more, the new Track One has an 80 Hz 6 dB/octave high-pass filter, a de-esser section, a compressor/limiter section, and a 2-band EQ with an air band. The Track One is also stereo-linkable, making it even more versatile.

Overall, it’s an impressive front-end processor for your recording, streaming, or podcasting setup built to ensure you have the best signal quality before it reaches your digital conversion stage.

SPL Track One Mk3

Track One Mk3

SPL Track One Mk3

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SPL Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3: Channel Strips Revamped

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