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Sonnox VoxDoubler

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While multi-tracking vocals is essential studio practice when it comes to recording instruments and vocals, producing convincing results often takes significant time and effort. That’s where doubling plug-ins and hardware come into action. Sonnox introduced VoxDoubler, a pair of plug-ins with each focused on a particular aspect – Thickening and Widening.


VoxDoubler Widen generates two new mono voices and pans them to the left or right of the original track. This achieves a widening effect and presents some interesting creative opportunities. For example, you can take the doubled voices, process them separately, and mix them back with the original track as you see fit.

VoxDoubler Thicken straight-up generates a stereo doubled voice and overlaps it with the original vocal. This results in a thickening effect. Sonnox suggests trying to create a stereo group of voices by doubling each voice and seeing the effect.


These basics aside, Sonnox has come up with some interesting controls and functionality. There’s a Humanise section where the pitch and timing of vocal doubles can be adjusted relative to the original vocal. The Depth control pushes new doubled vocals “deeper” into the mix, while a Tone control mitigates the effects of sibilance.

Overall, VoxDoubleer is a pretty great package with simple and effective functionality. While the plug-ins are designed for vocals, they can certainly take instrumental tracks as well, so feel free to experiment.

Price and availability

While VocalDoubler normally costs 70 EUR, Sonnox has a comprehensive purchasing scheme where each plug-in you buy reflects on the final price. So the pricing isn’t exactly set in stone. There’s a free trial version to try out as well. VD is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac systems.

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Sonnox VoxDoubler

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