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SonEQ 2

 ·  Source: Sonimus

Developer Sonimus introduced SonEQ 2, the heir to its SonEQ and SonEQ Pro equalizer plug-ins. The most interesting thing about SonEQ 2 is its modular “build an EQ” design – there are 5 modules and the virtual rack interface lets you have as many as 16 of them, in any order you like.

Sonimus SonEQ 2 modular equalizer plug-in

The 5 available modules cover the low, low-mid, hi-mid and high frequency. A preamp analog saturation module provides additional bite and grit. It features HP, LP, Drive, and Output controls along with the ‘Woow’ switch to increase perceived depth and separation. The Low module lets you boost and cut at 20, 30, 60, or 100Hz. Its sound has been made warmer and more ear-pleasing, Sonimus says. The low and hi-mid modules have their frequency ranges extended from the older SonEQ, and sound more aggressive at higher values. Finally, the High module lets you boost or cut between 6 to 15kHz. Behind the scenes, the engineers have implemented oversampling between 2x to 16x for better sound quality.

SonEQ 2 is shaping up to be a powerful and experiment-worthy EQ. Changing the order of the modules is likely to bring out unexpected differences and subtleties in character, compared to a traditional fixed-architecture EQ. A nice touch.



Price and availability

SonEQ 2 is available on a pre-sale basis, priced USD 69. Owners of SonEQ Pro get to upgrade for USD 49. Pre-sale buyers will receive a Beta Release Candidate version on January 15 to hold them over for the final release, which is presumably not far off. The plug-in is available in the usual formats for modern Windows and macOS computers.

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