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Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA

Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA  ·  Source: Smooth Hound Innovations

Smooth Hound Innovations’ SIVA is a contender for the most British of Helix type products. Billed as a “Virtual Analogue” multi-effects platform, this unit promises everything in a single box.

Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA

The SIVA features a quad-core 64-bit 1.2GHz audio processor, along with high-fidelity analogue audio circuitry and built-in wireless connectivity. Smooth Hound Innovations describes the user interface, that revolves around a full-colour screen and a joystick, as intuitive. The whole “Virtual Analogue” multi-effects unit is housed in a robust steel case, and is manufactured in the UK.

Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA-

Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA an all one guitar rig?


The SIVA has 8 high-quality footswitches with bright LED indicators that visually connect them to their corresponding on-screen functions. The footswitches can be assigned to either control your individual effects, or to make multiple changes with one press called Tone Snaps. You can also use them to control the overall tempo via Tap Tempo, or Board Swap to change to a whole new preset.

Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA rear panel connectivity

Smooth Hound Innovations SIVA rear panel connectivity


The SIVA has connectivity for MIDI in/out, USB, headphone, plus master outputs on XLR and jack, along with two effects send and returns. You also get wireless capability via an added K1100 transmitter, which is sold separately. And you can update the SIVA via the USB port for new functionality.


The unit covers a lot of classic American and British amps, like the Fullerton ’57 and London ’72, which allude to well-known amplifiers from both sides of the Atlantic. The effects section includes several classic boutique and vintage pedals, and is broken down into Overdrives & Fuzz, Modulation, Echo, Filter and Other, the latter including a looper, tuner and noise-gate.

I have not tried one yet, but I have heard from people that have played the prototype that the SIVA is a really great sounding box. You can hear it in action in the demo video below. It’s not the greatest demo video, but hopefully, there will be better ones soon.


A new video has been released that gives more information,  I’ve added it below, so you can check it out.

RRP – SIVA GBP 989 and K1100 transmitter GBP 79

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