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Modal Electonics SKULPT

Modal Electonics SKULPT  ·  Source: Modal Electonics

Modal Electonics SKULPT

Modal Electonics SKULPT  ·  Source: Modal Electonics

SKULPT is a funny looking synthesizer from British synthesizer makers Modal Electronics. It has a futuristic, isometric feel and sort of becomes its own box. It’s a grey slab with a scattering of tall knobs, upon a white slab with a little touch-keyboard. It looks like it could come apart or slide or something. Maybe the top part comes off and can be replaced by chunks of future synthesizers. Skulpt is due to hit Kickstarter next week and until then we have some images and a list of specs.


Great name – can’t believe it’s never been used before in a synthesizer context. It’s a virtual analogue synthesizer meaning that the sounds are generated in software within the unit. It has 4-voices of polyphony and can conjure up 8 oscillators per voice for a total of 32. You can play al the oscillators at once, in unison, if you wish. Two waveforms can be selected per voice and morphed between. The oscillators have a mixer stage which sits alongside, PWM, tuning and Ring Mod options. A modulation matrix lets you route 8 sources to 37 destinations. There are 3 envelopes, 2 LFOs and a multi-mode mighty-morphing filter. Add in some waveshaping distortion, sequencer and arpeggiator and you have all the boxes ticked for a fat little polysynth.

Modal has aimed for portability and it can run on 6 AA batteries. No inbuilt speaker though. And also no CV possibilities other than Sync in/out. It does have a full software editor for Mac or PC so that you can get fully into the software internals. A bit like their CRAFT boxes – didn’t I predict it was going to be a polyphonic CRAFT synth? Well, I guess it sits somewhere between their CRAFT synths and the big Modal stuff.

It’s looking really cool. The design is striking and different in interesting ways, the sound is certainly big and chunky and it will be interesting to see it being unpacked and demonstrated. Maybe we’ll get that when the Kickstarter arrives. That will also bring details on pricing and timescale. I would think that the price has got to be less than the Korg Minilogue or Roland Boutique synths, so I would imagine something along the lines of £249 would make it very interesting.

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  1. Andy beagle says:

    Mmmmmmmmm i’m getting a crave. A behringer crave, that is!

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