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Modal Skulpt

Modal Skulpt  ·  Source: Modal


Modal’s compact 4-voice Skulpt virtual-analogue synthesizer gets a firmware upgrade that brings MPE support, Sustain/Arp Latch mode, Global Tuning Setting and MIDI-In Offset.


Skulpt V2.0

Modal’s funny looking synthesizer has a remarkable amount of power and sophistication within it’s strangely aligned form. It’s a fun place to root around amongst the 32-oscillator virtual analogue sound engine. It’s both familiar and surprising with some innovative features and a just about usable touch keyboard. It really comes alive when it’s paired with the Modal App which pulls out all the parameters into a comprehensive editor that, for me at least, cleans up some of the strange lines and shift functions.

V2.0 brings in that wonderfully expressive MPE mode and elevates Skulpt into an instrument with polyphonic control and expression. You are going to want to get yourself an MPE compatible controller keyboard or sequencer because that little touch keyboard is not going to cut it. They’ve also fixed the Arpeggiator because some joker left out the ability to latch the Arp. They’ve also added a Global Tuning function and the ability to octave transpose incoming MIDI.

There are lots of other improvements to things like stability in MIDI loops, sync options, merging from USB and MIDI inputs and a bunch of other fixes.

The Modal App has also been updated to reflect the changes and both the App and the firmware are free downloads.


The Skulpt is a decent little polyphonic synth for £245 and this updates rewards existing users and should attract anyone looking for a cost-effective way into expressive polyphonic performance.

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Modal Skulpt

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