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Nymphes V2

Nymphes V2  ·  Source: Dreadbox


Nymphes gets a cool new update that brings in MPE, Polyphonic aftertouch and a scaled mode for slider control. Plus the SHIFT button gets some new action.


Nymphes V2

I love this little synthesizer, it’s a joy to play and is full of warmth and character. Dreadbox has enabled MPE support and taken the opportunity to respond to user feedback, smooth out a few functions and squash some bugs.

New features

The MPE support allows every note to inhabit its own expressive space. Using an appropriate MPE controller you can modulate and pitch shift notes individually within a polyphonic environment. This also extends to Polyphonic Aftertouch where you can apply pressure to the keys of an MPE controller to affect a parameter individually on that note rather than to all notes at once like with regular aftertouch. The Oscillator modulations, Filter parameters, Envelopes and LFO1 can all respond polyphonically to MPE modulation and are freely assignable.

A Scaling function has been added to the sliders where you can scale the remaining travel of a slider to the full range. This adds to the Jump and Catch options and could make the multi-use of the sliders a bit smoother.

Presets can now be exported and imported via SysEx. You’ll need some software that supports the ability to record sysex messages such as Sysex Librarian or BOME.


Dreadbox has decided to slightly change the SHIFT button behaviour. Previously in order to latch the Shift button you’d have to double press it. Now it latches by a single press. You can still hold it for momentary changes and it won’t latch on anything other than a very short press.


Work has been done on the CC list and the Reverb can now be MIDI controlled. All notes off and all sounds off CCs have been added and there’s now a shortcut for Gobal settings reset.

Nymphes is still smashing the patriarchy with every note and these improvements make the whole experience that much sweeter.

Nymphes is available now for £419, the update is free.

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Nymphes V2

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