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SKnote MainEQ dynamic equalizer

SKnote MainEQ  ·  Source: SKnote / Gearnews

SKnote has released MainEQ, a dynamic equalizer plug-in. With features like poly grouping of filters and inter-band / inter-track dynamic control, MainEQ looks like it could be an interesting addition to your EQ arsenal. What else does it have to offer?

SKnote MainEQ dynamic equalizer

SKnote MainEQ is a dynamic equalizer with ten parametric filters, including resonant low shelf, resonant high shelf, and eight peaking filters. It also has high-pass and low-pass filters, as well as a tilt filter. Filters can be grouped in “polys”, letting you move several filters as one. Using control keys, the plug-in also allows for alternate movements, like moving the base and target gain simultaneously, or moving two filters in opposite directions. MainEQ also includes global action control, which scales the gains of all filters. According to SKnote, this resembles parallel equalizing, without the phase issues.

Another interesting feature of MainEQ is inter-band and inter-track dynamic control. Using inter-band control, frequency bands can control each other. Inter-track control works across several instances of the plug-in, which is useful for tasks like cleaning up the frequency spectrum. For example, you can set the EQ on the bass track to take its control inputs from another instance of MainEQ on the bass drum track, or set the vocal EQ to control the guitar and keyboard tracks. To facilitate this, MainEQ’s log-scale analyzer can also display other tracks, in addition to the input and output signals.

According to SKnote, other features of MainEQ include M/S processing, an invert button and auto-gain for level matching. Presets can be exported and imported as plain text. This not only lets you copy and paste settings between instances of the plug-in, but also allows for easy sharing.

Price and compatibility

SKnote MainEQ is available for Windows and macOS in VST, AAX and AU formats. The plug-in is on sale for USD 29.99 until September 30. After that, the regular price will be USD 39.99.

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