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Sequential Trigon 6

Sequential Trigon 6  ·  Source: Sequential

Sequential Trigon 6 - Rear

Sequential Trigon 6 - Rear  ·  Source: Sequential

Sequential Trigon 6 - Front

Sequential Trigon 6 - Front  ·  Source: Sequential

Sequential Trigon 6 - Angle

Sequential Trigon 6 - Angle  ·  Source: Sequential

Sequential Trigon 6 Angle 2

Sequential Trigon 6  ·  Source: Sequential


Sequential announced today their first new synthesizer since the passing of their founder, Dave Smith. The Sequential Trigon-6 is a 6 voice, 49 key polysynth with an emphasis on threes. Is this something special or just another expensive take on a tried and tested formula?


Trigon-6 Triple Threat

The Sequential Trigon-6, flanked by lovely wooden cheeks, looks every bit a classic Sequential product. Packed into a 49-note, 4-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, comes three discrete VCO’s per voice, hence the Tri-themed name. Each oscillator features simultaneously selectable waveforms, namely triangle, sawtooth, inverse sawtooth and variable width pulse with pulse width per oscillator.

They also feature feedback and drive controls for increased signal saturation, along with Keyboard tracking on oscillator 3. As well as oscillator 3 featuring an LFO mode, oscillator 1 can be hard synced to oscillator 2.

Trigon-6 Filters

When it comes to filters, the Trigon-6 has switchable two/four pole discrete resonant low-pass ladder filters per voice. These can be set to self-oscillate with the resonance control, Filter envelopes have Bi-polar values and can be modulated by velocity.

This same velocity modulation can also be applied to the Trigon-6’s main four-stage envelope generator. A five waveform LFO features sync, poly modulation. Waveforms include sine, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square and random (sample and hold).

Sequential Trigon 6 - Rear

Sequential Trigon 6 – Rear

Vintage Sound, Modern FX

As with most recent Sequential instruments, there is a Vintage Knob that recreates vintage synth characteristics by adding variation in component behaviour from voice to voice.

Built in effects include a digital 24bit/48kHz reverb and analog stereo distortion. Performance feature-wise, there is a 64 step polyphonic sequencer.


The Sequential Trigon-6, with its lovely wooden case, classic layout and design, and attendant price tag, promises to be yet another jewel in the San Franciscan company’s crown and a suitable tribute to their late founder. If anything, it clearly states that it is very much business as usual for Sequential. Is it different enough to stand out? How will it compare to other 6 voice polys? Will this give the likes of Arturia, with their fantastic Polybrute, a run for their money? Time will tell, but Sequential have a loyal following.

More Information

Trigon-6 retails for £3550/€3999

Sequential Trigon-6

Sequential Trigon-6 Launch Video


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Image Sources:
  • Sequential Trigon 6 - Rear: Sequential
  • Sequential Trigon 6 - Front: Sequential
Sequential Trigon 6 - Angle

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2 responses to “Sequential Trigon-6 – New 6 Voice Polysynth”

    Joe Shlabotnik says:

    It should be mentioned in this piece that Dave Smith designed the Trigon-6, it’s not a Focusrite / Novation design.

      Johnny Applesauce says:

      Focusrite/Novation won’t ever design a Sequential product- they named a separate CEO and there’s no plans to merge the companies. The team that Dave hired and put together are still the same. On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be anything new from Novation since Chris Huggett passed in 2020. Maybe it could (likely) be the other way around?

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