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Prophet-5 voice expansion

Prophet-5 voice expansion  ·  Source: Sequential


Prophet-5 Rev4 owners can now upgrade their synthesizers to 10 voices and a new OS lets all 10-voice owners do a bi-timbral stack or split.


Voice Expansion

The expansion to the Prophet-5 amounts to an “easy-to-install” voice card which takes the polyphony up to 10 voices. If this sounds like it might be a cheaper way to get a Prophet-10 then bear in mind the voice card costs $899 which is a bit more than buying a Prophet-10 depending on where you get it.

I hope the easy-to-install bit means it’s just a ribbon cable or something. Actually, the instructions are pretty simple. It just plugs on top of the existing mainboard with a couple of standoffs – check out the instructions for yourself. I wonder how long it will take for something to build another synth around this voice expansion card? That’s for another day I think.

Prophet-5 voice card

Prophet-5 voice card · Source: Sequential

New OS 2.0

The reason why Sequential wants their Prophet-5 owners to upgrade is that they’ve got a nice new operating system that allows for 5-voice splits and stacks making the 10-voice Prophet bi-timbral. In bi-timbral mode, each program is allocated 5 voices of polyphony letting you play two sounds at once. These can be layered on top of one another or split into two different performance zones across the keyboard.

“We’re excited to bring stack and split capability to 10-voice Prophets,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith. “It gives even more musical versatility to an already awesome-sounding instrument. Musicians are going to love the sound design possibilities of bi-timbral stacks. And players will be able to make good use of splits in live performance.”


So what does it sound like stacked or split? Check this out:

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More Information

Sequential will be at Superbooth next week on booth 0300 so go and try it out for yourself.

You’d imagine that every Prophet-5 owner is going to want this functionality. In some ways perhaps this marks the end of the Prophet-5 and the beginning of the Prophet-10s dominance.

More information from Sequential

Prophet-5 voice expansion

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