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GS Music Polysynth

GS Music Polysynth  ·  Source: GS Music


Argentine synth manufacturers GS Music has announced their plans to produce a 12-voice polyphony analogue synthesizer. There are looking to release around September but wanted to froth up some interest with a 3D render.


GS Music

We became aware of GS Music when they released their Apollo 1 synthesizer back in October. It was a straight forward, decent sounding monosynth. It seems quite a leap to find themselves a handful of months away from releasing a full-on analogue polysynth.

They haven’t released any details other than the image and the text is rather difficult to read. But what I can gather is that it has two fully featured oscillators with three waveforms and then a third simpler oscillator with one additional waveform. There are three LFOs with four waveforms and sync inputs. There’s a filter with more controls than necessary and a dedicated ADSR envelope and then there’s a VCA and envelope to finish.

In the middle, there appears to be a screen with some data entry buttons and some Sequential style buttons for presets. This is also where the 12 voices are indicated by lights.

I have to say it’s all fairly simple at this point – maybe like with the Apollo they like things to be straight forward. That makes things no less ambitious and this could be a good chunk of synthesizer. I hope they give us a few more details soon.

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