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GS Apollo 1

GS Apollo 1  ·  Source: GS Music

GS Apollo 1

GS Apollo 1  ·  Source: GS Music

From Argentine manufacturer GS Music comes the Apollo 1 analog monophonic synthesizer. Nicely laid out with classic lines and Moog-esque knobs, let’s check it out.

Apollo 1

It’s as straightforward as they come. Apollo 1 is entirely analog with two voltage controlled oscillators, a VCF, VCA, two envelopes, and three LFOs. The oscillators have triangle, sawtooth, saw-tri and pulse waveforms and each has a sub-oscillator. If the front panel looks a little sparse for all those LFOs and envelopes it’s because the additional ones are only accessible via MIDI CC numbers. So you only have front panel control over the first one.

The connections on the back are MIDI in/out/thru and an audio output. No sign of any CV shinanigans in either direction. I think Apollo 1 is definitely designed to be a MIDI controlled synthesizer rather than something modular.

It looks like a synth, sounds pretty decent and behaves in all the ways you’d expect something like the Moog Mother-32 to. Priced at around £400 it’s quite a sweet looking monosynth. Nothing flashy, simple layout, job done. They could do with producing some demos of the MIDI side working the additional envelopes and LFOs so that we can fully understand what’s on offer. There is a video where they play “metal” drums on a MIDI controller alongside which is quite entertaining if inexplicable.

The Apollo 1 is available for pre-order now through the website. Get in touch with them about shipping costs if you’re interested.

More information

  • GS Music Apollo 1 webpage (Spanish).



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