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Arturia PolyBrute 2.0

Arturia PolyBrute 2.0  ·  Source: Arturia


Arturia says this update will let you bend analog to your will like never before – this is more exciting than Christmas.


PolyBrute 2.0

What’s got Arturia all up in a lather then? Well, this is the first major update to PolyBrute which is what most people regard as a completely awesome polyphonic analog synthesizer. There’s lots of talk of expansion in the morphing department, a wealth of creativity, radical new features and a bunch of new presets. Sounds very cool! And just to be clear, this is an update to the existing PolyBrute and not a whole new synthesizer.

So, what’s new? Arturia has messed with the accuracy of the synthesizer in order to improve the degrees of imperfection and randomness to parameters beyond just pitch. You can add a touch of humanity to all sorts of places. Aftertouch has been overhauled to give you the ability to apply it to only the last note or group of notes that you played leaving the previous ones untouched. The third LFO has been freed to let you shape it into something different. You can now have up to 6 notes held as a chord on a single note. The EQ and Effects at the end of the chain have been expanded with a new FX slot and Ensemble effect. And the display now shows parameter names and values in real-time.

All great stuff.


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The PolyBrute is a great synthesizer and it’s always good to see a manufacturer continue to develop something once it’s out in the wild. The reception of the PolyBrute has been overwhelmingly positive and this free update is going to thrill a lot of people.

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Arturia PolyBrute 2.0

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