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Arturia Polybrute - Sound On Sound Cover

Arturia Polybrute - Sound On Sound Cover  ·  Source: Reddit


We felt something like this, something huge was going to drop from Arturia and we weren’t wrong. The PolyBrute is Arturia’s new flagship polysynth and it’s a beauty.



All we have is the accidental release of the cover of the October edition of Sound On Sound magazine. It says they have the exclusive review of the new polysynth and it does indeed look impressive on the front cover.

There’s no other information to go on but it looks like 3 oscillators per voice and the matrix from the MatrixBrute has been slimmed down to 8×12. To the left of the keyboard is an intriguing wooden block which looks a lot like the Touché expressive controller. Otherwise the layout is very similar to the MatrixBrute but has favoured width over depth.

Arturia Polybrute - Sound On Sound Cover

Arturia Polybrute – Sound On Sound Cover

The new edition of Sound On Sound arrives on Thursday when I’m sure we’ll be all over this fascinating new polysynth. Any guesses on the price?

More information

  • Original leak on Reddit.
  • Sound On Sound issue page.

One response to “Leak! Arturia are about to release a PolyBrute!”

  1. Ben B says:

    Wow.. This is big news indeed, very curious to see the specs. My guess would be more expensive then the matrix brute to make sure they keep selling them too ? Let’s say 3000 ?

    Thx for all the news you do.

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